Benefits Of Dual Monitors

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Benefits of Dual Monitors

In this article, I will tell you about the many benefits of dual monitors especially when it comes to multitasking. From personal experience, I can attest that dual monitors are extremely useful as they help me perform my daily computing needs with ease. Think effective and efficient and you will know what I mean. Read on and find out why you should use dual monitors for efficiency.

1. Increases productivity

This is most obvious advantage for those in different professions, designers and software engineers among many others. In fact, several studies show that multiple computers help increase productivity as they allow multitasking. One study showed that productivity increases by about 45 percent when using dual monitors.

2. Run different programs simultaneously

Software engineers can enjoy increased productivity and better workflow as they are able to run different programs simultaneously. Maybe you want to use Photoshop or maybe you want to open Mozilla or an FTP application. Since multitasking in expected for software designers, using dual monitors can make work more productive.

3. Connect to social websites

If you want to stay accessible and connected to your professional network, you will realize that dual monitors are more feasible. For example, you can use the main screen for the task at hand and then open Mozilla on the second screen. This way, you can stay focused while quickly responding to emails with affecting your work.

4. Improves flexibility

Greater flexibility is also evident if you prefer working on your laptop. Fortunately, you can now add an extra monitor when using a laptop. This allows flexibility because you can easily disconnect the additional monitor and carry your laptop with you to the next room.

Limited space may be an issue of concern if you are planning to use a larger secondary monitor. Also, distraction is inevitable when using multiple screens.

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