Benefits of Feedback

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Benefits of Feedback

Performance appraisals are typically conducted annually, bi-annually or quarterly depending on the organization . While most managers and employees dislike completing such evaluation, without performance appraisal employees would not receive feedback concerning their performance in the company. This article aims at highlighting the benefits of positive feedback at the workplace.

1. Development/ Training

Development and training needs of your employees have to be documented with regards to performance evaluation. Without meaningful feedback employees are unable to known if their output is meeting the company’s expectations. In simple terms, comments regarding specific areas that need more improvement can help your staff choose the necessary training courses to meet the set goals.

2. Prevents harassment claims

Performance evaluation also acts as a record of all issues or concerns you may have with employees. For instance, when an employee fails to perform his responsibilities duly, note this information on his/her evaluation. This will help you identify which employee is competent for promotion or salary increment. On the other hand, the record can help fight harassment claims.

3. Builds motivation

Your staff will feel appreciated when you provide feedback concerning their performance. The staff should however know that performance evaluation takes time. With consistent performance feedback, employees become familiar with their contributions in the company. Whether negative or positive, performance feedback will truly increase productivity.

4. Goals and expectations

Before you are through with the evaluation list the assignments and objectives you want the staff to focus on until the next review. That way, these sets of goals motivate employees to work hard in order to meet the company’s expectations. For instance, when you want your staff to lead leadership meetings, introduce workshops to help them gain more experience in leadership skills.

Customer feedback questionnaires and surveys are sometimes too methodical and scientific. Also, feedback may be biased when provided in few occasions.

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