Benefits of dextroamphetamine

Benefits of dextroamphetamine

Dextroamphetamine is a drug that is considered a brain or psycho-stimulant. ‘ Use of this drug is highly regulated and even prohibited in many countries because of its high potential for recreational use and abuse. ‘ Intake of this drug is said to improve alertness and focus making one feel less stressed and fatigued. ‘ Some people also use this drug to curb their appetites. ‘ The following are some benefits of dextroamphetamine:

1. Improved alertness

Since dextroamphetamine can help increase wakefulness and/or alertness, this drug is substantially used in the treatment of a chronic type of sleep disorder called narcolepsy. ‘ In this condition, patients typically experience being sleepy at several points during the day. ‘ Some also have irregular sleep patterns at night which is exacerbated by frequent sleep sessions during the day, even at work or at school. ‘ With dextroamphetamine treatment, the sleep cycle of patients will be improved as alertness is induced during the day.

2. Improved focus

Regular intake of dextroamphetamines also result to improved concentration and focus which is a great help for children suffering from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ‘ Children with ADHD are considered to have short attention spans and tend to indulge in too much activity. ‘ Often times, children with ADHD are unable to complete tasks because they typically jump from one activity to another. ‘ These symptoms are said to be managed and controlled with regulated dextroamphetamine treatment.

3. Weight maintenance

This particular drug also helps curb one’s appetite making it also effective for weight loss. ‘ For people who are considered extremely obese, some doctors may prescribe treatment using dextroamphetamines.

Due to dextroamphetamine’s psycho-stimulating properties, use of this drug should be monitored by registered physicians. ‘ Along with its beneficial effects, this drug also has several side effects making it a regulated and/or prohibited drug in many countries. ‘ Members of the medical community also use this drug with extreme caution because dextroamphetamines could be addictive.

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