Benefits of nopal fruit

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Benefits of nopal fruit

The nopal plant, including its fruit, is considered to be a great source of nutrients and medicinal properties. ‘ There are many varieties to this plant which belongs to the cactus family. ‘ Several species can be found in the southern parts of the US, Mexico, and Canada. ‘ Some varieties have thick pads while others also bear large fruits. ‘ The stem, pads, and fruits are all considered valuable for the following benefits:

1. ‘ Boost in the body’s anti-oxidant levels

The nopal fruit along with the stems are good sources of several antioxidants and flavanoids that help prevent certain ailments in the body including cancers and heart disease. ‘ Based on studies, juices made from nopal fruit also contain various vitamins and minerals which are essential for good health. ‘ Because of its nutrients, nopal fruit-based products are tagged as healthy and good for the body.

2. ‘ Aid for diabetes

The nopal stems and fruits are also highly valued because some studies have shown that they help in regulating blood sugar. ‘ This is especially good news to diabetic patients who have problems in their blood sugar levels. ‘ With regular intake of supplements made from nopal fruits for example, blood sugar levels are said to decline in significant amounts.

3. ‘ Aid for high cholesterol levels

People suffering from high cholesterol levels may also benefit from nopal fruits and other nopal-based products. ‘ Total cholesterol count, including the so-called bad cholesterol or LDL may lessen because of nopal fruits in the diet.

4. Treatment for inflammation

Nopal fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties and may even prevent the spread of certain infections. ‘ With supplements or juices that contain nopal fruit nutrients, one can expect some protection against inflammation.

Nopal fruits have traditionally been used as medicinal aids. ‘ Today various supplements and juices are made of nopal fruits and stems to take advantage of its nutritional and health benefits.

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