Benefits of Anodized Aluminum

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Benefits of Anodized Aluminum

Aluminum anodizing is the procedure through which an oxidation layer is added onto aluminum products. Unlike carbon steel or iron where oxidation produces rust or corrosion, anodizing boosts the beneficial aluminum properties. The hard layer becomes part of aluminum, which creates many beneficial properties.

1. Better durability

Many anodized aluminum products benefit from a long lifespan and provide important economic benefits through operating and maintenance savings. Anodizing offers unmatched adhesion and total bonding, which add up to increase durability. Furthermore, anodized aluminum offers a layer of protection from usage and normal handling.

2. Beauty

Anodized aluminum products offer a larger number of color and gloss alternatives and eliminates or minimizes color variations. Different from other finishes, anodizing aluminum allows it to preserve its metallic look. Additionally, the color added to an anodized product is much more lasting because the surface obtains better porous and adhesive qualities.

3. Resists corrosion

The thick coating produced during anodizing together with suitable sealing, enhances the resistivity to corrosion. This is because it prevents the surface from being oxidized further. Actually, the surface is much harder compared to uncontaminated aluminum, second to diamond considering its hard structure.

4. Simple to maintain

Scars from fabrication, installation, frequent handling, usage and dirt cleaning are nearly non-existent on anodized aluminum surfaces. Mild soap, water cleaning or rinsing will usually restore anodized surfaces to their original appearances. Abrasive cleaners are usually used to clear up difficult deposits.

5. Safety

Anodizing increases the safety of the product and anodizing itself is not dangerous to health. Furthermore, an anodized coating is stable and does not decompose. It is also non-toxic.

Anodized aluminum products can be seen in the automotive industry and aircrafts as well. Construction and architectural projects usually incorporate these strong materials since they can withstand all kinds of weather.

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