Benefits Of Co Washing

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Benefits of Co Washing

Co-wash is very easy to do even without shampoo. Simply co-wash your hair by rinsing it after taking a shower, and then apply condition evenly to hair and scalp. After you apply the conditioner, rinse thoroughly and leave it a few minutes then rinse with warm water. This article will discuss the benefits of co washing your hair.

1. Keeps your scalp clean
If you frequent the gym, removing dirt and sweat from your hair is of utmost importance. When not washed away properly, the salts dry out your hair and aggravate the scalp. With that said, it is advisable to use conditioner to remove the dust, dirt and salt from your hair without diminishing its oil reserves. In other words, co washing helps keep your scalp clean.

2. Quick and effective
Unlike the usual washing and use of conditioners, simply hop in the shower then rinse your hair thoroughly, and lather up nicely with conditioner for a perfect finish. It that simple! This is convenient for those who have to get to school or work after an intensive workout.

3. Retains moisture
Since co washing does not involve the use of shampoo, your hair retains more moisture. This means your hair will be easy to style, detangle and will remain smoother after drying out. Moreover, the conditioner and water work effectively to distribute the natural oils evenly to the hair. Therefore, by incorporating physical exercise into your workout regimen, your hair becomes exposed to more water.

4. Great fragrance
Another benefit of co washing on a regular basis is that the hair will feel fresh, clean and fragrant. You scalps will remain moisturized throughout the day, even when you are not working out.

For those of you who work out regularly, co-washing is the only sure way to keep your waves and curls healthy and stylish!

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