Benefits Of Clarified Butter

Benefits of Clarified Butter

Clarified butter, also called ghee, is mostly used for cooking in India. It is primarily made up of saturated fats and it is preferred by most chefs. Cooking with clarified butter is beneficial since it does not burn like other culinary products due to its high smoking point. Here are some of the health advantages of clarified butter.

1. Digestive benefits
Clarified butter stimulates the release of stomach enzymes and acids to aid the digestion process. In contrast, other fats like oils and butter slow down digestion as they sit and build up in a person’s stomach. Even though research and tests are still continuing, ghee is used like a medicinal practice for assisting with constipation and ulcers.

2. Lactose free
During the production of clarified butter, all milk proteins are removed. As a consequence, ghee gains additional nutritional value since it is lactose free. This makes it a healthier substitute for lactose intolerant individuals. Clarified butter also does not have hydrogenated oils, which is why health conscious chefs use it.

3. Antioxidants
Clarified butter is full of antioxidants that help in enhancing the intake of minerals and vitamins from other food sources. This action ascertains that all body tissues are well fed and also serves to firm up the immune function. Ghee use has also been beneficial in slowing the advancement of heart disease and some kinds of cancer.

4. Treats inflammation
When clarified butter is used as opposed to butter it displays beneficial anti-inflammatory effects. It works through naturally lubricating the connective tissues present in the body. This action can assist to enhance flexibility and arthritic individuals are advised to start using it.

Nevertheless, the mixture of cholesterol and saturated fat present in clarified butter can enhance heart disease risk. It is advisable that those with high cholesterol avoid using ghee.

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