Benefits Of Child Labor

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Benefits of Child Labor

Child labor involves the use of employees who are under 16 years to perform duties that would have otherwise been given to unlucky adults. The duties these children require performing are very physically strenuous like farming, mining or even repetitive factory tasks. Using child labor provides these advantages;

1. Cheap to employ
The main child labor benefit as compared to employing adult workers is that it is extraordinarily cheap. This can really reduce the expense of running a business by expanding the child workforce. Furthermore, this can enhance the profit of the company, which is the main goal of any business. Child labor may be the key that ultimately offers a country more money, granting it superior political power as well as a better chance of dealing with other richer nations that do not utilize child labor.

2. Better workers
Children usually prove very beneficial in the primary and also the secondary sectors of production. Repetitive duties that demand specific skills can be easily learnt by children, making them better workers. This is due to the fact that children are naturally designed to pick up new skills and learn.

3. Offers economic support
In farming societies, families usually encourage their children to look for work like a method of supporting the continual existence and welfare of both the family and society as well. Furthermore, children are well adapted to some jobs that adults are incapable of doing, like chimney sweeps. The money the children get provides economic support and sustenance to the whole family.

4. Reduces prices of goods
Through engaging in child labor, consumers also benefit from paying less for various goods like furniture, clothes, and toys. This happens because child labor reduces the costs of manufacturing items in bulk.

The disadvantage with child labor is that the children will not be educated. This means once they get tired from their work in the factories or in the fields, they really have nowhere else to go.

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