Benefits of buddy reading

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Benefits of buddy reading

With the fast changing world and an increase in competition across the different academic arenas, each parent and each child endeavours to outdo the other right from the day they begin their play school. The academic demands in ‘├é┬ákindergarten also has increased over the years. It is here that the children have to be prepared for the grade one and thus need to be well trained

Buddy reading is reading and learning in groups, thus is having fun while you learn.

The benefits of buddy reading come to play as it prepares the child to be better readers and better writers in future.

  1. Build confidence – The buddy reading builds confidence in the child as it is group reading. Learning process is made better for both younger and older students as both benefits equally.

  2. Builds cognitive skills – in a child and thus increases attention and motivations for the tasks. The knowledge is transformed by reorganization and new integration. The social skills are developed when buddy reading is built into the system. The skills of the older students also are passed on, as the younger students follow their peers.

  3. Positive Attitude – Classroom practices build a positive attitude towards literacy and help the young student blossom into better students who are confident, write better, read better. The students are more responsive to the reinforcement and feedback provided by their buddies than they were to, when provided by their teacher.

  4. Learning made fun – Buddies have a lot of fun together and thus learning is made a lot of fun and interesting. The buddy makes reading fun and makes the children look forward to it. The buddy reading makes the reading more enjoyable and once the liking is there at both ends, both look forward to many more such sessions.

The buddy reading and learning is a wonderfully designed program which is very effective once it starts showing the results. The buddy learning is worth it.

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