Benefits of rescuing a dog

Benefits of rescuing a dog

Dogs or any pet are a treat for the family. They help you de-stress you at the end of the day.

Dogs found in the streets look for care too. The dogs should be rescued from the streets and then adopted as pets as they are a better option. Street dogs always deserve a better chance to be taken care of. The dogs are better than those found in pet stores, breed houses and puppy mills.

Puppy mill dogs are not well kept and well fed, thus are not so healthy and may have some behavioural issues.

The benefits of adopting a dog who has been rescued are plenty and can be stated as below.

  1. Comfort – First and foremost you would save life of a creature and give him or her the comfort of a home and a human touch. The street dogs are innocent and vulnerable and thus crave for human love and care and they in turn would return you with their trust and love which is much more. The furry friend would become a beloved member of your family as he is eager for human company and their love and care.

  2. Unconditional Love – The rescued dog loves their “guardians’ unconditionally throughout their lives. Rescuing a dog and adopting it would give you a companion who would have lot of selfless love for you. The dog who has been saved are well aware of the fact that it is you who has taken pains to make them better thus would be loyal, grateful and love you unconditionally.

  3. Sense of fulfilment – You would experience a feeling of fulfilment when you save and rescue a dog and make it recover in the comfort of your home and your arms. The dog would blossom with appreciation, love, care and lots of respect.

  4. Improved Quality of life – You would have an improved quality of life since rescuing a dog would lift your spirits and thus you increase your life span too. The furry friend provides you with a better emotional and physical health.

Thus rescuing a dog and keeping it to yourself is one f the kindest acts that you would do which has multi benefits.

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