Benefits Of Bitter Kola


Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola or garcinia cola is kind of kola present in Nigeria. Similar to kola nuts, bitter kola is consumed widely for several benefits. It has medicinal effects and also some spiritual advantages associated with it. Further below are benefits of using bitter kola.

1. Antibiotic properties
Bitter kola is popularly known for having strong antibiotic effects when ingested in the body. It might even be used in the treatment and management of HIV due to its cleansing and antibacterial detoxification effects. The natural component saponin found in bitter kola offers its cleansing and antibiotic benefits. Saponin is extensively used like a liver tonic and it improves both gall bladder and liver function.

2. Osteoarthritis treatment
Bitter kola has been productively used to cure patients with knee osteoarthritis. It provides treatment through reducing swelling and pain, which are the major osteoarthritis symptoms. Furthermore, it also improved movement of patients. This action ensures that patients have a chance to regain their normal lives.

3. Treats bacterial infections
Another significant bitter kola advantage is that it is quite effective in treating diarrhea, cough and tuberculosis among other ailments caused by bacteria. In fact, when food substances are thought to be tainted by bacteria, chewing garcinia cola immediately after will prevent poisoning or formation of any bacterial infection. For children, this kola is used for treating mumps and measles.

4. Prolong life
Traditionally, bitter kola was mostly eaten by elderly people as they believed that it had life prolonging effects. Current researches now show clearly that bitter kola has certain beneficial compounds that assist in glycogen breakdown in the liver, thereby promoting longevity. Herbal practitioners also believe that consuming garcinia cola repels evil spirits.
No side effects have been reported from clinical studies using bitter kola and it is thus safe to use and eat by all people.

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