Benefits Of Bison

Benefits of Bison

Bison meat comes from buffaloes and it is a good substitute to other types of red meat like beef. Actually, you can use bison meat like a substitute in most recipes that demand the use of pork or beef. Bison is readily accessible in many grocery stores and also natural food shops. Consumption of bison meat avails several advantages like the ones below.

1. Free of additives
Bison reared in America is fed only on hay and grass, rather than antibiotics or hormones. In contrast, commercially reared beef cattle are given antibiotics and hormones so as to quicken their development rate and also fend off illnesses. Ingesting such additives through consuming the normal beef can alter the balance of hormones in the body and also introduce harmful bacteria in your body. Health experts advise sticking to bison meat or other kinds of hay-fed meats.

2. Benefits the environment
Bison are usually grass fed and they roam free on their pastures. This particular method of rearing livestock lessens the requirement for pesticides and fertilizer for growing crops. Once the bison move to another location, the grass quickly grows and they can return to graze again. This keeps groundwater clean and prevents various ailments linked to consuming contaminated water.

3. Good fat
Bison meat is much leaner in contrast with cattle. Actually, a bison burger comprises of 7 grams of fat in contrast to the normal beef burger, which has 17 grams of fat. In addition, the fat content of bison meat is better for the body, according to health experts. Since bison graze mainly on hay and grass for most of their lives, this creates fat that has high omega 6 levels. Consuming bison meat can assist you reduce your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as well.
As compared to the normal beef meat, bison is very costly and this is the main downside of bison meat.

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