Benefits Of Arranged Marriages

Benefits of Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are marriages where the parents or guardians arrange the marriages between the two people. The parties organizing the marriages might pick their suitors based on religion, health, upbringing and financial security. Though at times referred to as forced marriages, arranged marriages normally do not occur unless the two individuals consent. The benefits of arranged marriages are as follows.

1. Avoid courtship
In certain instances, people are opposed to the time consuming and awkward tango of courtship and dating. Arranged marriages remove the years many people waste dating several people. These kinds of marriages enable people to locate a good partner, without the requirement of dating or courtship.

2. Cultural understanding
Usually, the individuals in arranged marriages descend from similar cultures or share similar religions. This makes sure that the partners understand each other’s lifestyles. It also provides a sense of common ground to both partners. Furthermore, this also preserves the religious and cultural identity of the people and enables them to fully express it during marriage.

3. Encourages abstinence
Similar to the American culture, most people engage in relationships where there is lots of fornication prior to marriage. Arranged marriages, however, promote abstinence and eliminate the likelihood of late remorse and guilt from previous relationships. This sets an excellent example for other children and family members and may lessen one’s likelihood of getting venereal diseases.

4. Reduces divorce risk
Divorce is much more unlikely in arranged marriages due to the similarities between the spouses. In fact, irreconcilable disputes or differences are less likely to occur since the two partners have similar views on family and marriage. This means these individuals have little to dispute about and they will focus on one another, instead of their differences.
Arranged marriages have their demerits also. The major one is that if the marriage fails, then the spouses can blame their guardians for making the wrong selection.

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