Benefits of Babywearing

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Babywearing is a parenting style where the baby is held close to its parent in a pouch or a sling for a considerable part of the day. Babywearing allows the parents who are busy with the freedom to continue their day to day normal activities while providing the most desirable environment for their child.

While traditional social ideas may make parents believe that if a baby is held or carried too frequently the baby may become too demanding, modern researches on child psychology have revealed it to be absolutely wrong. On the contrary, it has been found that Babywearing encourages the child to feel more comfortable and secured and also help them to build up a solid self-esteem.

It has also been noticed on several occasions that Babywearing helps in calming fussy babies as it aids the babies to decrease their postnatal depressions. It has been even observed that the close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond better to the baby’s ‘non-crying’ signals which results in lesser stress and frustration both for the parents and the child.

Here are some of the most highlighted benefits of Babywearing as it has been found through a clinical eye:

It is convenient

When parents carry their babies in a sling, it can be easily noticed that they can walk around more freely and do not have to worry about negotiating steps even when walking through a crowd. Babywearing can also block out additional provocations when breastfeeding a distracted baby, and hence allows the option of discreet nursing even in public places. While Babywearing, the sling can also double as blanket, changing pad or a cushion where their baby can rest when it’s away from its home.

Promotes greater physical development of the baby

When a baby rides in a sling attached to its parent, he or she gets tuned with the rhythm of their parent’s breathings and sound of their heartbeats. It has been found that this stimulation helps the baby to regulate their own physical responses. For the baby the sling becomes more like a “transitional womb’. Researches has shown that premature babies those who are touched and held gains weight faster and remains more health than who are not.

Babies remains happier

It a known fact that the more babies are held, the lesser they cry. In certain cultures around the world where Babywearing is a norm, it has been noticed that babies of those parents cries for only few minutes in a day. Researches have shown that the act of crying which is exhausting both for the babies as well as the parents may cause severe damage to the development of the baby’s brain which gets incessantly inundated with stress hormones while crying. Studies have even shown that Babywearing acts like a magic for colicky babies, who remains far happier and contented with the warmth and security of being held close.

It’s healthy for the parents

While it can be really challenging for a new mother to find time to do exercise, but instead if the mother carries the child around in a sling wrapped around herself, she can enjoy the dual benefit of walking and also weightlifting. Babywearing the child for most of the day or go for a brisk walk with the baby inside its sling is indeed a great way for invigorating post-delivery metabolic activities.

It is economical

Babywearing slings costs far lesser than front-carriers, strollers or backpacks. A sling can also be sewn for the price of a length of cotton which is really an inexpensive way of carrying the child.

Apart from these above stated facts Babywearing also a matter of great fun as it allows the parents to observe their baby’s reactions to the wonder of the world around them, at an eye level.

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