Benefits of vaping

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There are many of us who claims that vaping or using e-cigarettes is always a better and healthier choice than smoking traditional cigarettes. It has been found in accordance to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention that smoking traditional cigarettes harms nearly all the major organs within our body. Records show that when we smoke we inhale around 4,300 chemicals which also includes 69 carcinogens from a cigarette that severely damages our lungs.

In the United States it has been seen around 443,000 people die every year from diseases caused by smoking. This figure also includes babies that are born prematurely owing to prenatal material smoking and out of inhalation of second-hand carcinogens. It’s been estimated that smoking traditional cigarettes increases the risk of developing coronary diseases four times and that of getting affected with lungs cancer by twenty-five times.

Vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes which is a healthier alternative contains four main ingredients which are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, and flavorings. Electronic cigarette liquids are available in varied strengths of pharmaceutical grade nicotine, so that it can help smokers to wean them of their nicotine dependence without facing withdrawal symptoms. There are also e-liquids which are nicotine free and are hence healthier once we start vaping with them.

Some of the most positive benefits of vaping are:

Vaping e-cigarettes does not have any distinct odor

Smell of traditional cigarettes clings on to everything that comes in contact with the smoke. This smell is often found offensive by non-smokers and more especially by ex-smokers, who finds this smell noticeable and so avoid close contact with people and things that holds this whiff. One big reason why traditional cigarettes smells bad is because its burns tar and several other toxic chemicals in addition to the tobacco itself. Vaping e-cigarettes on the other hand does not emit this ominous odor, since while vaping we exhale vapor instead of smoke that evaporates almost immediately.

Vaping is much cheap than smoking traditional cigarettes

It has been estimated that even people those who smoke a pack-a-day does spend nothing less than $300 every month. Nevertheless, this cost estimation does not include the cost of other smoking incidentals such as lighters, matches, price of buying ashtrays and others. On the other hand, while the enter cost of a vaping kit may be a bit higher, the month-to-month cost of vaping e-cigarettes is typically about half when it is compared to traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is safer

Traditional cigarettes by default poses serious fire hazards since we burn tobacco to smoke. It has been seen worldwide that 10% of all fire related death, were started by lit cigarettes. E-cigarettes which does not contains fire in them for vaporizing the liquid and are hence much safer than traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is healthier

Smoking traditional cigarettes puts us at a higher risk of getting affected with diseases like stroke, lung cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, throat cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and others. It has been noticed that people start feeling better physically after switching to vaping electronic cigarettes, as traditional cigarettes contains a litany of toxic chemicals most of which are considered carcinogenic.

Vaping is socially accepted

Once you are a traditional smoker you must have certainly noticed an increasing amount of restrictions around where you can light up your cigarettes. However these rules does not apply to vaping as we can vape e-cigarettes in almost all places.

Hence vaping is always a healthier and better alternative than smoking traditional cigarettes as when we vape we can still get the nicotine inside our body, without having any impacts on our social life.

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