Benefits of Aspergers

Aspergers is a medical condition that might have certain hidden benefits. Even though there are some problems associated with this condition, it is also imperative to consider the benefits that it provides. This article considers the unique advantages and the positive aspects of aspergers.

1. High confidence

Individuals with aspergers usually have lots of confidence in themselves. They think they are very good since their vision is not limited by the common crowd mentality. Due to the aspergers syndrome, the patient is not affected by the emotions that bind other normal people in doing daily duties. Individuals with aspergers have learned how to live without the need for external approval. Feeling great about yourself and having lots of confidence is thereby an important benefit of aspergers.

2. Creativity

Individuals with aspergers are seen to exhibit great creativity as it simpler for them to imaging situations and also have different views than normal people. This vast creativity is more visible in young children with this condition. These kids can easily draw baseball stadiums and amusement parks. In one instance, a child created his very own ballpark simply from Legos. Such children mature to become innovative individuals who can provide new solutions to some problems like looking for alternative energy sources.

3. Obsession

Throughout the life of a person with aspergers, there are various subjects and topics that may hold the fascination of that person, which may result in obsession with the topic. For instance, small kids may be obsessed with their favorite comic strips or games like basketball. Later on, this person may be obsessed with topics like science and medicine. This will cause the individual to read everything possible on those key subjects. The advantage being that it is very easy to become the expert in those topics that you are greatly fascinated with.

Individuals with aspergers can also consider themselves as unique, rather than the boring common people.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Aspergers”

  1. I have suffered from asperger’s syndrome all my life. I just wanted to bring to your attention one more important aspect of asperger’s, one that really helps me in my life. It’s called hyperfocus. Most people with asperger’s syndrome have the ability to literally ‘zoom in’ when they are learning something, and that helps them learn. For example, say a person with asperger’s has an obsession with chemistry, and they are trying to learn the different kinds of molecules and atoms. That person will then involuntarily ‘concentrate on studying about molecules so deeply, that they literally become unaware of anything around them; they are concentrating so much on atoms and molecules, that they don’t even realize anything in their environment. They have lost all track of time, and they are unaware of everything else around them.’ This might sound a little abnormal, but it actually helps us, because we are able to REALLY learn things. It helps us to concentrate more, it helps us to understand more, and as a result, it helps us to be more knowledgeable about that field.


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