Benefits Of Olympic Games

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Benefits of Olympic Games

The country that gets an opportunity to host the Olympics enjoys a number of benefits, which are either classified as short-term or long-term. The immediate benefits include cash flow from tourists, visitors, officials, media activities and game officials just to mention but a few. On the other hand, long-term benefits include improved infrastructure and employment opportunities.

1. Employment opportunities
Employment soared in Beijing even before the games started. There were many jobs to clean and renovate the stadiums to welcome the anticipated global event. According to statistics, approximately more that 2 million jobs were created to make the Olympics a success. Equally, employers had enough resources of creating more jobs.

2. Fosters peace and unity
Beijing residents immediately began enrolling for lessons and courses to learn other foreign languages. This was effective as it helped curb the problem of language barrier. In fact, an estimated 3 million locals learned English and other languages. People from different parts of the world also learned Chinese to make their stay more pleasant.

3. Better transport and infrastructure
To accommodate tourists and organizers, Beijing had to improve its transportation services. For instance, subways were doubled in capacity and size, buses began operating around the clock and restrictions were placed on automobile use. And so, cheaper public transportation attracted more people.

4. Environmental benefits
Improved infrastructure and emphasis on public transportation also helped reduce air pollution. Large factories adjacent to the city were shut town to control air pollution. The determination to keep the environment clean continued even after the games.

5. Leisure activities
Hosting the games lead to the creation of sporting and leisure activities like rowing, sailing, tennis, shooting and so forth. This goes a long way in encouraging the locals to participate in sporting activities.

While there are numerous sponsors behind this exciting event, the cost of improving infrastructure is on the higher side.

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