6 Benefits of beeswax candles

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The usefulness of the beeswax candles have stood for several centuries as these candles not only does not drip, but they are also cleaner than their soy and paraffin counterparts. In fact these candles made out of beeswax burn longer and there light are much brighter than paraffin candles those that are readily available in the markets.

Here are a few benefits that one can find while burning beeswax candles for lighting their vicinity.

1. It purifies the air

The beeswax candles emits the same beautiful light spectrum, just like the sun. As the beeswax candles burn, they emit negative ions that cleans the surrounding air which pollutes our surroundings. It has been scientifically proven that negative ions are drawn towards the positive ions. So while the positive ions holds on to airborne things like molds, dusts and odors, the negative ions weigh them down, which causes the positive ions to fall to the ground that in turn purifies the air.

2. It supports the beekeepers

Another pertinent reason for burning beeswax candles, is that by burning these candles we can support the bee keepers. As honey bees are always needed for pollinating food crops, using bee wax for making candles helps in generating revenue for the bee keepers, who takes care of the bees, those who in turn helps us to keep our food supply out of troubles.

3. They are most natural of candle waxes

With bee wax, as it is most natural of all candle waxes, this wax only needs simple filtering to make them ready for making candles. Other natural wax candles which are made out of soy wax and palm wax often needs hydrogenation or processing with additives before they can be used for making candles. As hydrogenation has environmental consequences, using beeswax candles eliminates this environmental pollution issues.

4. Ensures restful sleep

It has been observed that by burning pure beeswax candles in front of the bed during the hours before we go to sleep, helps in achieving a more restful sleep. Similar effects of tranquility are not found by burning candles which are made out of paraffin or any other natural wax candles that are available in the market.

5. Emit non-toxic fumes

This property of beeswax candles is especially important when we need to keep our doors and windows shut most of time to conserve heat during the winter months. By burning beeswax candles it has been noticed that people those who remains present in the light of these beeswax candle, remains more healthy, as they don’t have to breath the toxic fumes which are emitted when we burn paraffin candles especially within a closed environment.

6. No need for adding artificial fragrances

Beeswax candles, which are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, does not need any artificial fragrance to be added for making these candles to make them smell nice. So as the beeswax candles burn, they naturally emits a subtle fragrance, which is a mixture of the smell that is found in the nectar of the flowers that is often found inside the honeycombs.

Hence by burning beeswax candles with cotton wicks, it not only clears the environment, but it also produces bright light, which is much needed for fighting against environmental pollutions today.

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