5 absolutely necessary benefits of using vector images

Every day we see different images on billboards, books, web pages and others that are important in conveying a certain message to its audience. Hence clarity is one primary aspect in creating images, other than which all pictures will fail its purpose.

Digital images that we see all around are of two categories raster images or bitmap files and vector graphics. These two images although they may look identical are completely different from one another. Vector graphics use mathematical definitions, which defines in terms of height, width, ratio, curve and proportion of the images. Hence in vector graphics the images are resolution independent as they render themselves in accordance to the space given to them.

Here are some of the benefits of vector graphics, where each line in the drawing are composed of points with lines that are used for interconnection them.

1. Drawings done with vector graphics are scalable

The greatest advantage of vector graphic designs are that they are scalable and so they can be enlarged or reduced without losing the quality of the designs. Hence these drawings are ideal for designing company logos that are often resized. Apart from this, as the vector graphic designs are scalable they can be used for different mediums and so are not limited for singular use.

2. Ease of reediting

All individual components in vector graphic illustrations can be manipulated separately. Per say, with vector graphics one do not have to repeat the entire design for editing its contents. So with the help of this technology one merely needs to choose the parts that one needs to edit which saves time while editing certain attributes in the design such as outline, colors and fills.

3. Smaller size

Unlike bitmap or raster images, vector graphic images have smaller file size, which makes them easier for transfer and uploading on the web. This is another reason as to why vector graphic images can be easily viewed online, without the need for waiting too long, so see the entire image on the web.

4. It is ideal for composing detailed graphic illustrations

Since vectors uses lines for creating the images, it’s a lot easier to work on detailed images you using the vector graphic technology. The images composed by vector graphics comply to far better resolutions than raster images, and so are ideal for use in demonstrations, presentations and technical manuals where clarity of the images are essential for better understanding of the graphic files.

5. Images looks good in printed media formats

The vector graphic images looks sharper when they are printed. They are not only clean and precise, but the vector graphic images are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Trying to change the ratio of bitmap images often makes the pictures and logos look so ugly, that one may not be able to decipher the contents of the raster images, when they are changed in terms of their image ratio.

Apart from these, vector graphic images are also good for presentations and animations as they come in EPS format which also accompanies a bitmap preview. The vector graphic images can even be stored as PSD, PDF and AI formats, which makes these images utterly convenient for reediting by the designers who prefers it over bitmap images in the present times.

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