Benefits of black tea

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Prepared from the leaves of the shrub Camellia Sinesis, black tea one of the most consumed teas in the world. Black tea has been found to be more oxidizing than green, white or oolong teas, which are some of the other famous brands of tea that are preferred by tea lovers all across the globe. Black tea is a beverage that has a stronger flavor than other varieties of teas and so is liked by people who prefers to taste its beautiful smell over other varieties of tea leaves which are less aromatic than black tea.

Here are few of the essential health benefits of drinking black tea which makes this tea widely acceptable other than its strong flavor as mentioned above:

Reduces cardiovascular diseases

It has been clinically proved that consuming black tea on a daily basis reduces the propensity of cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants like the flavonoids those that are present in this tea helps in reducing the oxidization of LDH cholesterol. It has been also noted that in certain cases, consuming black tea helps in reversing ‘endothelial vasomotor dysfunction’ which is a coronary artery disease. Black tea also aids in fostering coronary vasodilation which reduces the chances of blood clots. Ingredients like manganese and polyphenols present in black tea also helps in improving the condition of the cardiac muscles which in turn strengthens the power of our cardiac output.

Prevents cancer

Black tea helps in preventing formation of deadly carcinogens in our body. Polyphenols present in black tea aids in preventing cancer, especially the growth of cancerous tissues in the lungs, ovary, prostrate, stomach, breast, bladder and colo-rectal organs. In fact, black tea contains a chemical compound known as TF-2 that causes apoptosis, a term which signifies programmed death of carcinogenic cells while keeping the unaffected normal body cells intact. It has been also noted that black tea even at times prevents the growth of malignant cancer within our body.

Prevents tooth decay and bad breath

Black tea contains fluorides, that not only helps in fighting bad breath, but it also helps in preventing tooth decay by eliminating harmful bacteria from our oral cavity. It has been clinically observed that two large cups of black tea has more than 1.5 mg fluorides in its contents. Moreover, the polyphenols and tannins those that are present in this tea (which in china is also known as the red-tea) acts as antibiotics that aids in fighting tooth decay.

Helps in digestion

Tannins present in black tea helps in combating intestinal and gastric illnesses. In several regions around the world black tea is consumed after heavy meals as this tea helps in digestion of the food. Other than this, black tea is also renowned for its anti-diarrheal effects as the polyphenols present in this tea helps in reducing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by decreasing hyper active intestinal activities.

Aids in weight loss

As black tea is ultra-low in calories and fat contents, consuming this tea regularly helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Hence to conclude, in a nutshell, black tea is a great substitute to all sort of unhealthy soft drinks that often has high contains of sodium and fat, which are detrimental for the wellbeing of our body.

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