Benefits Of Using Technology in the Classroom

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Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

While some technology may not be beneficial in class, most of the technology can be utilized in classroom to enhance the learning process. Actually, teachers have found great methods of using technology in the classroom to aid their instructions. Below are a couple of benefits of using technology in class.

1. Enhances motivation

The use of technology in the classroom leads to a considerable improvement in motivation. Both students and teachers are surprised sometimes by the technology-based accomplishment exhibited by learners who initially showed less initiative with conventional academic duties. Some teachers found that their students were more willing to work or write about computational skills. The instant feedback offered when using computers creates a sense of achievement, thereby motivating students.

2. Boosts self-esteem

The enhanced competence felt by students after successfully mastering technology-linked tasks enhances their self-esteem. Since students can do numerous things on computers that many parents and teachers cannot do, they feel very excited and empowered. Technology is highly valued in this present world. Through providing learners technology skills, teachers are indirectly adding weight to school activities.

3. Develops technical skills

Learners are now capable of acquiring an impressive skill level through using various computer programs. Even though the specific technology tools and software in use may change before learners become professionals, the learners get a basic comprehension of the way different types of technology tools behave. In addition, students gain a confidence as they are capable of using new technological tools.

4. Increases productivity

Using technology in class aids to enhance the productivity of students in class. Teachers noticed that students were capable of handling complex assignments due to the capabilities and support offered by technology.

The demerits of using technology in class are that these technologies may unexpectedly break down sometimes and they also consume lots of power.

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