Benefits Of Quantitative Research

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Benefits of Quantitative Research

Quantitative research uses traditional statistical and mathematical methods for measuring results conclusively. All quantitative experiments use a single standard format. The research is constructed in such a way that it enables other people to repeat a certain experiment and still get similar results. Quantitative research has many benefits as discussed further below.

1. Summarize large information

The use of standard means in quantitative research means that any research may be replicated, analyzed and also compared with other similar studies. In fact, this quantitative method enables people easily summarize huge information sources as well as facilitate good comparisons over time and across categories.

2. Greater accuracy

Quantitative research allows for greater accuracy and objectivity of results gotten. In general, this kind of research is designed specifically to offer summaries of information that support generalizations regarding whatever phenomenon are being studied. To successfully accomplish this objective, quantitative research involves fewer variables. Moreover, it also employs prescribed methods to ensure both reliability and validity.

3. Eliminates bias

An important reason why most researchers opt for quantitative research is that it totally eliminates bias. It encourages researchers to keep a short distance from the participating subjects. It is recommended that researchers employ subjects unfamiliar to them for further eliminating bias. Quantitative research usually filters out all external factors and if well designed, it provides unbiased and real results.

4. Finalizes results

Quantitative research is a great method to finalize results and disprove or prove a hypothesis. It is useful for testing results gotten from doing various qualitative experiments, thereby leading to the final answer. It provides the benefit of narrowing down possible directions incase further research is needed.

There are certain areas where quantitative research cannot be utilized such as psychology, social sciences and human nature as they require more than the simple no or yes responses.

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