Benefits Of Orange Juice


Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange juice is among the popularly consumed fruit juices in the whole world. Even though it is consumed by very many individuals, the advantages that orange juice provides are still poorly understood. The following article attempts to illustrate some of the main advantages of consuming orange juice.

1. Inflammation protection
High intake of meals with high fat and glucose content usually induces the formation of inflammatory ailments in the body. These inflammatory disorders result in enhanced insulin resistance, a major cause of atherosclerosis and diabetes. However, orange juice intake is believed to prevent inflammation from occurring in the body. This makes it an excellent and healthy preventive step against the formation of atherosclerosis and insulin resistance.

2. Vitamin C
Orange juice consumption is a great method of increasing the concentration of vitamin C in the body. Actually, it enhances the body’s vitamin C content by up to 60%. Vitamin C is a vital vitamin that the body cannot synthesize on its own. This particular vitamin has antioxidant effects and it offers the body significant protection against the dangerous free radical effects. Through destroying free radicals, vitamin C found in orange juice prevents early ageing and tissue damage.

3. Boosts immune system
Frequent orange juice intake can assist in keeping your doctor away. The vitamin C present in orange juice acts like an immune system enhancer. Consuming orange juice thereby lowers your chances of catching different ailments like the flu or colds.

4. Treats hypertension
Individuals with hypertension complications can significantly benefit from drinking orange juice regularly. Orange juice comprises of hesperidin, which improves the function of blood vessels. It also lowers both cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Nevertheless, orange juice should only be consumed in small amounts as it has a high calorie content that can cause you to gain additional weight.

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