Benefits Of Olympics 2012

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Benefits of Olympics 2012

The first Olympics were in Athens in 1896 and the games are cherished by sport enthusiasts all across the globe. Countries that have the opportunity to host the Olympic enjoy an array of benefits, from infrastructure to housing and revenue generation just to mention but a few. Listed below are the benefits of Olympics 2012.

1. Transport improvement
The country that will host Olympics in 2012 has to improve its transport infrastructure to ensure that spectators and athletes can move around the city with ease. Transport links have to be upgraded so that spectators and media officials can find affordable means of transport in the city.

2. Boosts tourism
This is one of the main benefits of hosting Olympic Games. These games often attract sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world thereby boosts tourism. Because visitors have to stay in spacious hotels, the hospitality industry will definitely get more revenue, which can then be used to improve transport and infrastructure.

3. Increased job opportunities
The Olympic Games will certainly create more employment opportunities in the hospitality industry, for example short-term jobs like catering will truly boost the locals. More employment opportunities directly translate to increased revenue and reduction in crime.

4. Encourages sport participation
Another benefit of hosting the Olympics is that it encourages active participation in sports. This will go along way to improve the fitness levels of many folks and may help reduce obesity cases, as well as common health problems like heart attack.

5. Fosters peace and unity
Olympic Games bring together people from different nationalities for one common purpose. This can help foster peace and understating as well as civic pride.

While there are no significant downsides of hosting the Olympics, the event will cost the tax payer millions of dollars – money that could have been used on other development projects.

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