Benefits Of Inclusion Classroom

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Benefits of Inclusion Classroom

An inclusion classroom normally includes students with disabilities and other regular students being taught by one teacher. All the students in the inclusion classroom are required to take part in physical education, academics and special classes like art. In the inclusion model, all students are treated the same, regardless of their condition. The benefits of inclusion classroom are many as discussed below.

1. Encourages teamwork
Teamwork is vital in an inclusion classroom and students are encouraged to collaborate and support each other. Aside from the students collaborating together, the teachers also require searching for ways of working with other educators and professionals so as to meet all the requirements of the students. In fact, in inclusive classrooms, all students have the chance to play the role of either a supporter or a leader. This reciprocal collaboration process fosters an understanding and awareness of the existing diversity in the classroom.

2. Develops communication
Within an inclusion classroom, people have the chance of learning how to interact with students who might communicate in the non-traditional ways. Furthermore, students also have access to numerous ways of communicating and comprehending others.

Some individuals with disabilities require other communication forms other than the common writing and oral literate exchanges in classes. For other students, the inclusion classroom is fundamentally a place for learning a new language such as sign language.

3. Social benefits
Students with special requirements can get new friends that they might not have gotten if they had not been allowed to interact with other students without debilities. They can access similar education and thus they can have more things in common. These social benefits also extend outside the inclusion classroom, especially when students start looking for employment.

However, studying in an inclusion classroom is not always very pleasant as some students might resort to outright ostracism or ridiculing each other.

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