Benefits Of NVQs

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Benefits of NVQs

National Vocational Qualifications or NVQs refers to qualifications that recognize an individual’s competence, which includes the knowledge, understanding and skills they possess in a work setting. NVQs generally relate to standards present within Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Further down are benefits of NVQs.

1. Accessible by anyone

NVQs are open to all persons, regardless of gender or age. In fact, these qualifications do not have an entry barrier with regards to previous learning or academic attainment. They are work-based and are therefore suitable for people with work experience. Applicants are only required to have adequate communication standards as well as various skills for carrying out their duties.

2. Enhances employability

These qualifications are quite important since they assist in enhancing transferability and employability. Certification is provided only after the applicant has met the national standards set for a specific occupational role. This is one of the flexible routes that you can use to become qualified get some credit accordingly.

3. Enhances productivity

Aside from benefiting the employees, NVQs also offer some advantages to the employers. For instance, the increased performance levels of the workers leads to higher productivity. The workers also become highly motivated and this results in better products and services.

4. Better testing opportunity

Most jobs that require knowledge and practical skills such as social care, security services and cleaning do not have formal qualifications that people can achieve. Additionally, exam results cannot tell a prospective employer how capable someone can perform a certain job. In such cases NVQs are the best available option.

5. Effective staff development method

Training providers also benefit from developing employees to nationwide accepted standards, resulting in enhanced efficiency to customers. It also provides a better assurance of a candidate’s competence

Since there is no specific time set for completion of the course, candidates who take part in NVQs can easily lose interest.

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