Benefits Of Office Communicator

Benefits of Office Communicator

Microsoft Office Communicator refers to the instant messaging software that is considered as a replacement for the outdated Windows Messenger. Compared to the MSN Messenger, the Office Communicator has expanded features and it is mainly aimed at corporate environments. These are some of the advantages of making use of the Office communicator.

1. Allows unified messaging

The main Office Communicator benefit is that it is integrated fully with Outlook Anywhere to enable colleagues view your status during meetings in accordance with your schedule. This means that users of Office Communicator can also observe when you make calls on your phone. It also allows users to activate calls from the contact list on your computer.

2. Enhances communication efficiency

The Office Communicator has become a very vital management tool, especially in this current world where time is very valuable. It enables managers to see when their employees are online, meaning they are available. The presence status enables employees to make successful calls since they can be able to see if a person is busy or engaged in a consultation.

3. Enables secure messaging

Different from other products in the market, the Office Communicator makes use of high quality encryption and other security protocols for ensuring your firm’s IT security. Additionally, there is an extra function of telephone support where you can interact with the service provider to resolve arising technical issues. This guards the company against any cases of loss of vital information through cyber theft.

4. Supports mobile messaging

The Office Communicator also has an important capability of mobile access. Using a Blackberry, it allows you to receive and also send messages as you view your associate’s status in order to select them most appropriate method of communication.

The major Office Communicator disadvantage is that it is quite costly to set up and maintain. It is not the best option for small business.

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