Benefits Of Naps

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Benefits of Naps

A nap is a short sleep and many people usually prefer afternoon naps. Naps are an important part of the routine of various cultures, especially people living near the equator. There are numerous benefits that can be achieved through taking naps. Here is a comprehensive look at some of those benefits.

1. Increases productivity

After taking a nap, it is highly likely that you are going to feel more energetic and alert. Once you have rested your alertness and efficiency levels usually improve greatly. Research shows that taking some time to nap after 8 hours will enhance your stamina, unlike continuing to sleep for another 30 minutes every morning.

2. Reduces stress

It is an undeniable fact that a nap provides relaxation to both the mind and body. Studies have found that the levels of stress hormones were lower in people who took stress-lowering actions like napping. Taking a break every day from the tensions and stresses of life lowers your risk of getting the side effects of stress like headaches and migraines. A short nap leaves a person feeling renewed, more focused and refreshed.

3. Benefits the heart

Taking a short nap every day could possibly reduce your risk of getting various heart complications, especially in young men, according to scientists. They studied very many Greek citizens with no history of cancer, stroke or coronary heart disease. Those who took a half hour nap three times every week had 37% reduced risk of heart complications. The researchers also considered age, ill health as well as if the individuals were physically active.

4. Increases cognitive function

A recent study revealed that a half hour nap enhanced cognitive faculties by about 40%. A nap also enhances a person’s capacities to memorize and work. This is because a short sleep provides the brain neurons an opportunity to recuperate.

After taking a nap, a person normally feels tired and slow. This can have an adverse effect on your efficiency.

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