Benefits of Multicultural Education

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Benefits of Multicultural Education

Multicultural education simply relates to instructions and education designed for several different races, and is based upon consensus building, and fostering cultural diversity within racial societies. It incorporates positive racial eccentricities into classroom atmosphere.

1. Help to eradicate prejudice and racism

Students interviewed in a case study reflected a negative attitude that would not facilitate respect for people of other cultures, fostering of cultural diversity in the classroom, or consensus building. Nonetheless, with integrated curriculum, administrative support, social activities, and staff training, ignorance, personal detachment, and fear might be reduced on both teachers and students.

2. Brings different races together in harmony

If we learn to embrace diversity in our society, the unconscious and conscious expressions of sexism (racism) must be done away with completely. Multicultural education can help bring all cultures together in harmony.

3. Builds interaction between diverse cultures

Additionally, research indicates that ethnic students are inexplicably poor, being expelled or suspended, and fail to achieve their potential. Consequently, both teachers and students need to prepare themselves for the challenge of communicating and interacting with diverse races. Reduction of personal detachment and ignorance are possible advantages to a Multicultural system of education.

4. Creates tolerance between two groups

The greatest advantage of a multicultural curriculum is that it encourages understanding and tolerance between groups. Students can relate to one another in class, thereby creating harmony and co-operation.

5. It eradicates cultural barriers

Multicultural education is an emerging discipline that aims to provide educational opportunities to learners from diverse ethnic, cultural groups and social-class. It seeks to help students acquire skills and positive attitude to negotiate, communicate and interact with individuals from diverse cultures to create a moral and civic community.

The main shortcoming to multicultural education is that it may be difficult to teach students from different races, especially if they speak their native language.

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