Benefits of mutton leg soup


Benefits of mutton leg soup

Mutton leg soups are soups or stews made from the legs of muttons or lamb meat. ‘ Some people refer to this soup as lamb soup while others call it mutton soup. ‘ Various versions of this soup can be found in many parts of the world with the Indian version commonly made with the bones and tendons of muttons. The Chinese version meanwhile has a thicker soup base while other similar soups use other parts of goats and lambs. ‘ People rave about mutton leg soup for the following benefits:

1. Abundance of calcium

Bone-based soups like the mutton leg soup contain lots of calcium which is essential for the body’s bone building and teeth strengthening needs. ‘ The calcium content in the soup also helps out in terms of producing new cells that could help delay the aging of the various organs and parts of the body.

2. Aid for weight-watchers

Mutton leg soup is a great dish for people who are watching their weight and want to lose some of it. ‘ Aside from being a hot food item, mutton leg soup is also very high in protein which helps hunger episodes in check. ‘ Protein-rich foods makes people feel fuller longer and by simply consuming mutton soup, a person will feel less hungry and eventually be able to manage his/her weight problems.

3. Good alternative to other types of meat

The meat from goats and lambs are considered healthier when compared to beef and pork. ‘ Being the main ingredient in mutton stews, people can expect fewer calorie intakes and less fat content when they drink this soup. ‘ This makes the meat from muttons the healthier meat option and making them into stews and soups is a great way to keep oneself healthy.

Many people favor mutton leg soups for various reasons including those mentioned above. ‘ Some go for the taste while others take them for its health benefits.

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