Benefits of chicken soup

Chicken soup is a common favorite meal for many people around the world. ‘ Some people prefer to have them at breakfast time while other people love to have this meal during cold nights and lazy days. ‘ Whatever the reason is, chicken soup is not only delicious but also provides various benefits including the following: 1. … Read more

Benefits of mutton leg soup

Benefits of mutton leg soup Mutton leg soups are soups or stews made from the legs of muttons or lamb meat. ‘ Some people refer to this soup as lamb soup while others call it mutton soup. ‘ Various versions of this soup can be found in many parts of the world with the Indian version commonly … Read more

Benefits of Onion Soup

Benefits of Onion Soup Onion soup is normally recommended for treating fever and common cold. However, it has other benefits and it provides healthy nutrition to the body. Onions are the main ingredients used in making onion soup and they are the ones responsible for providing this soup most of its benefits. 1. Anti-bacterial effects … Read more

Benefits Of Miso Soup

Benefits of Miso Soup Miso soup is a popular meal in Japan and contains miso paste, carrots, onions, water and seaweed. The paste is usually fermented and aged and can be easily found in several supermarkets and specialty stores. Miso soup is believed to possess anti-ageing properties as well as many other benefits. 1. Anti-cancer … Read more