Benefits Of Magnesium Oxide

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Benefits of Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide offers the body a sufficient magnesium amount, an essential natural mineral. Consuming magnesium oxide supplements benefits numerous body parts, including the nervous and muscular systems. Other than its benefit of cleaning the body, magnesium oxide use may benefit you in the following ways;

1. Restores magnesium levels
Hypomagnesaemia or magnesium deficiency is caused by several factors such as poor diet linked to alcoholism, celiac disease and poorly functioning kidneys. Through ingesting magnesium oxide, healthy levels of magnesium levels can be maintained in the body. In fact, ingesting magnesium oxide can alleviate migraines and other magnesium deficiency symptoms.

2. Promotes hydration
By causing oxygen and hydrogen to react inside the intestinal tract, magnesium oxide encourages hydration. This action breaks down the hardened waste and fecal matter that might have adhered to bowel walls. Rubbish is thus quickly eliminated from the body after using magnesium oxide.

3. Natural laxative
Before surgery and other invasive medical procedures, physicians will usually recommend a laxative for promoting the quick removal of waste. Magnesium oxide is usually the most prescribed laxative by doctors for eliminating waste present in the patient’s bowels.

4. Heartburn relief
Health experts recommend that people consume magnesium oxide like an effective cure for sour stomach and heartburn problems. When magnesium oxide in tablet form is ingested, it neutralizes stomach acids, which effectively eliminates resulting symptoms. Moreover, this supplement is also helpful in relieving indigestion.

5. Calming effects
The other essential magnesium oxide benefit is that it causes a calming feeling on the body. It may therefore help to deal with anxiety, hypertension and insomnia. It relaxes the body and eases IBS and nervous indigestion as well.
Nevertheless, magnesium oxide use does have certain shortcomings. Some of the adverse effects experienced following the intake of this supplement include cramping, foul breath and also diarrhea.

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