Benefits Of Linux

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Benefits of Linux

Linux is the free OS that offers many advantages ranging from availability to better security. For those with slow computers and those seeking to get rid of virus threats, then Linux operating system is the best option. The following article covers some of the benefits that Linux provides its users.

1. Low cost
The main Linux benefit is that it is obtainable for free, while other operating systems like Windows are accessible for a sometimes recurring and hefty fee. In fact, Linux does not have any strict licensing limitations with its use and installation. Any person with knowledge of programming can easily manipulate the Linux source code and thus enhance their experience.

2. Hardware benefits
Linux is best for old computers that have limited memory or processing power. Instead of throwing away old computers, you can install the Linux operating system. Such computers can then be utilized like a firewall, backup server or file server. Old computers with hardly any RAM can run Linux smoothly without any problem.

3. Better security
Another huge Linux advantage is that it is very secure in contrast with Windows OS. Actually, the security threats facing the Windows OS are innumerable. With each new update and security patch, it appears like another breach has been created. However, Linus has a low number of spyware, malware and virus attacking it.

4. Extensive software options
There are countless software options offered in Linux when you want to perform specific tasks. Regular programmers and users contribute new applications constantly. At times, it is a simple enhancement or modification of existing software or it may be a new application. Furthermore, software products on Linux are usually packed with many features and have better usability.

Linux operating system has some shortcomings also. For instance, it takes some time before a user can effectively use it, which is a drawback for those seeking instant gratification.

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