Benefits of Upgrading RAM

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ramBenefits of Upgrading RAM

The more the RAM the better would be the performance of your computer. This is something that has been proved over time. Technically, we always equate performance to the processor; however, the RAM also plays a significant role in system performance. So, what are the benefits of upgrading your system’s RAM capacity?

1.Enhanced performance:

Technically speaking, the system’s processor looks for instructions in the RAM to execute its activities. If these instructions are not available in the RAM, then the processor would have to look for it in other sources such as the hard disk, CD-ROM, or any such storage disk. The impact of this would be more time to search for and load these instructions. The result would be slower performance. This brings us to the issue of virtual memory. Where RAM is insufficient to perform activities, the system uses virtual memory to swap data and reduce the impact of slower performance. However, you need to remember that virtual memory is actually a part of the hard disk, therefore it is a mechanical device not an electronic one. This means that while loading data from the RAM takes, say 2 seconds, the same activity done using the virtual memory would elongate the process by another 10 seconds. Therefore, as the number of activities increase virtual memory would not be of much help in enhancing performance. This drives us to the better solution of increasing the RAM capacity.

2.Better multitasking:

When there is more memory to execute tasks, opening multiple programs does not affect system performance. Therefore, if you find your system slowing down due to multitasking despite a good processor, the practical solution is upgrade your system’s RAM.

3.Faster browsing:

The Internet is something commonly used by all today. Irrespective of the Internet connection used or modem speed, your browsing capacity will be affected if you do not have sufficient RAM. Most of the websites use streaming audio, animations, and banners to attract more visitors to their sites. This increases the need for RAM to enable smoother access to these sites. Therefore, more RAM would ensure faster browsing capability.

4.Faster printing:

Printing huge files such as photos, images, charts, etc impacts system performance. This is especially so in network environments where multiple users access the same printer. Such a scenario affects system performance and thereby impacts productivity. Upgrading RAM would help enhance both printer performance and quality. More memory means the printer can buffer more print requests. Also, more memory means the printer has more capacity to print at higher resolutions, improving the quality of printouts.

5.Enhanced video-editing:

If your job or interests include video-editing, then having sufficient RAM is a compulsory requisite. Video files are usually huge in size and require lots of storage space and a high-performance processor. But these two aspects alone won’t help if you do not have sufficient RAM to support the processor activities.

6.Effective networking:

A networked environment requires more memory as user systems access a common server or printer. Therefore, upgrading both user and server memory would enhance the efficiency of the network as a whole.

7.Enhanced gaming experience:

3D gaming has revolutionized the entire gaming experience. Upgrading RAM supports higher color resolution, enhanced 3D rendering, more realistic character, background, and texture realism and versatility. Thus, adding higher capacity gaming cards alone is insufficient, upgrading RAM is the way to enhance your gaming experience.

Thus, upgrading RAM is the best way to enhance your computer’s performance and to enjoy working and gaming on your system.

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