Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

The green tea extract refers to the natural byproduct of green tea leaves. It is the best plant source of antioxidants, containing various active ingredients like EGCG and polyphenols among others. Green tea extract actually contains large amounts of antioxidants in contrast with other sources like vitamins E and C. Other than providing antioxidant-like effects, green tea extract offers the following benefits.

1. Regulates cholesterol levels
Scientists now say that consumption of the green tea extract regulates your levels of cholesterol through lessening its uptake in the digestive system as well as enhancing its excretion rate. Conversely, the body does require cholesterol for building cell membranes, creating hormones and insulating nerve fibers. Here, green tea extract benefits a person through preventing cholesterol oxidation. Oxidized LDL causes many health problems like atherosclerosis and increases an individual’s risk of either stroke or heart attack.

2. Encourages weight loss
Green tea extract has been displayed to not only reduce LDL cholesterol, but it also fights obesity. The polyphenols found in this particular extract are beneficial for quickly dissolving triglycerides, which is a substance that mainly consists of fat and sugar. EGCG also stimulates the user’s metabolism and thus accelerates weight loss.

3. Combats allergies
EGCG, a major part of the green tea extract, is known for blocking the cell receptors that produce allergic responses. Through blocking the manufacture of immunoglobulin E and histamine, two compounds that are mainly involved in causing and sustaining your allergic reactions, green tea extract safeguards you from sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

4. Prevents tooth decay
Green tea extract has strong antibacterial properties that are utilized for killing the bacteria responsible for causing teeth plaque. Research indicates that for each cup of this tea you consume, you greatly reduce your chances of getting dental problems like gum disease.

In certain instances, people may suffer from digestion related complications like vomiting and constipation after consuming green tea extract.

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