Benefits Of Lettuce

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lettuceBenefits Of Lettuce

Lettuce contains high quantities of vitamins, especially vitamin C. The caloric value of lettuce is low but its high nutritional content makes it a healthy food for us. Lettuce has rich contents of mineral salts especially the alkaline elements. These help to reduce the acidity caused by heavy foods and body acids. It also helps in purification of blood, makes the mind alert and improves the general health of the body. Lettuce used for eating purposes should be fresh green-leaved. Greener the color of the leaves, higher is the content of vitamins and chlorophyll present in it. Lettuce has many medicinal and other benefits to humans.

1.Helps in curing constipation
The rich content of cellulose in Lettuce makes it good roughage for the body. It helps to increase the bulk of intestinal contents and improves peristalsis. Lettuce is therefore, used for curing constipation and other stomach disorders. Mixture of lettuce juice, with lime juice, mint juice and honey is an effective medicine and is used for treating dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, jaundice, morning sickness and piles.

2.Improves insomnia and relieves headache

Lettuce contains a substance called ‘lectucarium’ which has the ability to induce sleep. Thus lettuce is used in the treatment of insomnia. The effect of Lettuce juice is similar to tranquilizing effect of opium but the former lacks the accompanying excitement. A mixture of lettuce juice and oil of roses, if applied to the temples and forehead, stimulates sleep in patients of insomnia and relieves head-ache.

3.Helps in curing Anemia
Lettuce contains rich quantities of iron and adds hemoglobin to the blood. It is used as an excellent tonic food for patients suffering from Anemia. The absorption of this iron, in the body is better and much more than that provided by iron tonics.

4.Beneficial during pregnancy
Lettuce contains folic acid that helps in preventing Anemia all through pregnancy. Lettuce helps in the prevention of habitual abortions. It is said to influence the secretion and release of progesterone hormone that is responsible for lactation in feeding mothers.

5.Treatment for hair fall
A mixture of spinach juice and lettuce juice helps in the growth of hair and provides strength to hair roots.

6.Helps in improving sexual disorders
Lettuce juice is useful in treating several types of sexual disorders. Use of lettuce juice regularly assists in improving fertility rate and increases the sperm count. Intake of fresh lettuce juice improves erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males. It also helps in relaxing sexual passion.

Lettuce leaves have several health and medicinal benefits for humans. But these leaves should be thoroughly washed before being used for preparing salads. When the leaves are clean, these should be placed in a clean towel to make them completely dry.

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