Benefits Of Kidney Beans

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Benefits of Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are believed to originate in Peru and other parts of South and Central America. They have now become a favorite delicacy in different parts of the world as they readily absorb flavors from food. The main producers of the nutritious beans are Brazil, Indonesia, US, India, and China. Here are the supposed health benefits of incorporating kidney beans into your daily nutritional plan.

1. Reduces cancer risk
Manganese found abundantly in kidney beans provide antioxidant defense against free radicals. The enzyme superoxide present is said to combat free radicals. Additionally, kidney beans are high in vitamin K that prevents oxidative stress thus reducing your risk of cancer.

2. Boosts brain function
In addition to preventing the onset of cancer, vitamin K also improves function of the brain as well as the nervous system. Vitamin K has an essential role to play in the production of sphingolipids –the outer wrapping found around the nerve. Kidney beans also improve cognitive function and support brain cell function. Vitamin K is needed in the secretion of neurotransmitters that help improve memory and reduce severity of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

3. Blood sugar
Kidney beans are high in dietary fiber that slow down the metabolism of carbohydrates, which inhibits the increase in blood sugar levels after meal time. It is also high in protein that assists the metabolism of carbohydrates.

4. Improves digestive tract health
Due to their high content of insoluble fiber kidney beans improve bowel health as they increase stool bulk, which lower your chance of developing colon cancer.

5. Boosts energy levels
The diet contains iron that helps boost one’s energy levels to reduce fatigue. Iron has an active role in energy production as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates. Manganese present in the nutritious diet further lowers cancer risk.

There are no known side effects associated to eating kidney beans.

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