Benefits Of WIC

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Benefits of WIC

WIC denotes Women Infants and Children and it is a program that has greatly helped numerous families meet all the recommended nutritional requirements of toddlers and infants. WIC benefits comprise of education, breastfeeding promotion, immunization services as well as referrals among others. Applicants who are regarded to have a higher nutritional risk get top priority in the decision making process. Here WIC benefits.

1. Immunization benefits
WIC encourages each parent to take their children to doctors for immunization against disease and illness. Actually, the immunization screening and immunization process offered by WIC teaches guardians the need of having children immunized. All guardians and parents who take part in WIC attend certification meetings wherein their children will be screened for any missing immunizations. After screening, the children are then referred to nearby medical facilities to get immunizations.

2. Improves health
WIC offers benefit breastfeeding education to both pregnant and nursing women. These educational services include counseling and breastfeeding support, which are breast pumps as well as other aids that encourage breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed their children receive WIC support for longer and get significant food vouchers than those who fail to engage in breastfeeding. For mothers who cannot breastfeed their children, WIC provides food vouchers for encouraging optimal nutrition, which include infant milk, vegetables, fruits, cheese and bread.

3. Disaster benefits
WIC members who have had to evacuate from their houses due to a certain disaster are regarded to have a high nutritional risk and are thus provided special considerations as they are given food vouchers. Whereas many recipients can only use WIC vouchers within one state, the disaster response plan of WIC allows members to use food vouchers in another state. Furthermore, WIC also relaxes identification rules for people considered as evacuees due to any disaster.

WIC is thus vital for assisting children to develop healthily so that they can support their families in the future.

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