Benefits Of Soluble Fiber

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Benefits of Soluble Fiber

There are plenty of benefits of a nutrition containing sufficient amounts of diet ary fiber. On the other hand, there are health risks associated with fiber deficiency in your body. For that reason, make a point of following a balance nutritional regimen consisting of both soluble and insoluble fibers. Typically, soluble fiber helps to improve digestive health.

1. Healthy digestion
Soluble fiber helps to promote healthy digestion in the small intestine, as well as the stomach. They facilitate the conversion of complex carbohydrates in the blood stream to glucose. As a result, this stabilizes glucose levels, making it appropriate for people with diabetes. By slowing the digestion of carbohydrates, soluble fiber facilitates the uptake of essential minerals.

2. Reduces appetite
Research shows that soluble fiber normally forms a gel in your digestive tract. Consequently, it creates a swelling effect that helps to slow down digestion, making you feel full longer without adding unhealthy calories (satiety). Dietary fiber therefore helps in weight loss.

3. Lowers cholesterol levels
Soluble fiber also lowers ‘’bad” cholesterol level that cause the onset of cardiovascular disease and stroke. By binding with cholesterol and bile acids, soluble fiber prevent the uptake of ‘’bad” cholesterol, which in turn reduce your risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular related diseases.

4. Treats digestive disorders
Soluble fiber plays an active role in treating common stomach disorders such as constipation and irregular bowel movements. It creates a gel-like material in the colon that helps to add bulk to stool for those suffering from diarrhea. On the other hand, the gel softens the hardened stool to relieve constipation.

5. Lower blood sugar
Soluble fiber helps to control blood sugar levels. Since fiber takes more time to digest than proteins, there is minimal uptake of blood sugars.
It is always advisable to consume a balanced diet to avert the health risks associated with deficiency of fiber.

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