Benefits Of Economic integration


Benefits Of Economic integration

Economic integration can be defined as a kind of arrangement where countries get in agreement to coordinate and manage their fiscal, trade, and monetary policies in order to be mutually benefitted by them. There are many degrees of economic integration, but the most preferred and popular one is free trade. In economic integration no country pays customs duty within the integrated area, so it results in lower prices both for the distributors and the consumers. The ultimate aim of economic integration is to increase trade across the world. There are many other advantages associated with this concept. Some of these are:

1.Progress in trade.
All countries that follow economic integration have extremely wide assortment of goods and services from which they can choose. Introduction of economic integration helps in acquiring goods and services at much low costs. This is because the removal of trade barriers reduces or removes the tariffs entirely. Reduced duties and lowered prices save a lot of spare money with countries which can be used for buying more products and services.

2.Ease of agreement.
When countries enter into regional integration, they easily get into agreements and stick to them for long periods of time.

3.Improved political cooperation.
Countries entering economic integration form groups and have greater political influence as compared to influence created by a single nation. Integration is a vital strategy for addressing the effects of political instability and human conflicts that might affect a region.

4.Opportunities for employment.
The various options available in economic integration help to liberalize and encourage trade. This results in market expansion due to which high amount of capital is invested in a country’s economy. This creates higher opportunities for employment of people from all over the world. They thus move from one country to another in search of jobs or for earning higher pay.

5.Beneficial for financial markets.
Economic integration is extremely beneficial for financial markets as it eases firm to borrow finances at low rate if interest. This is because capital liquidity of larger capital market increases and the resultant diversification effectÂ’ reduces the risks associated with high investment.

6.Increase in Foreign Direct Investments.
Economic integration helps to increase the amount of money in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Once firms start FDI, through new operations or by merger, takeover, and acquisition, it becomes a international enterprise.

Thus economic integration is a win-win situation for all the firms, people and the economies involved in the process. Is has become a preferred strategy for most countries of the world.

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  1. yo

    June 6, 2012 10:42 am

    the list seems to be missing some benefits.
    how about the benefits of a common currency?

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    April 28, 2013 12:28 pm

    It has been very helpful since i wz writing my exams and it hv given me the necesarry info i needed. It z good. Kip it up dear

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