Benefits Of DSS

Benefits Of DSS

DSS is the abbreviated form of Decision support systems and comprises of information systems based on a network of computers. DSS also includes knowledge-based systems, which support the decision-making activities in an organization. DSS supports the management of an organization and helps them in decision making. These decisions might be changing rapidly and are not specified in advance. There are many benefits of DSS both for the management and the organization as a whole. These benefits include:

1.Helps in saving time.
Research has demonstrated that decision support systems help to reduce decision cycle time for an organization. DSS provides timely information, which is then used for decision making and results in enhanced employee productivity.

2.Improves efficiency.
Another advantage of DSS is efficient decision making, resulting in better decisions. This is because use of DSS results in quick transfer of information, better data analyses, thus resulting in efficient decisions.

3.Boosts up interpersonal communication.
Use of DSS in an organization helps to improve interpersonal communication between same level of employees and between management and employees.

4.Provides competitive advantage.
Use of decision support system in an organization provides a competitive advantage over other organizations which do not use DSS.

5.Helps in reducing cost.
Research and case studies reveal that use of DSS in an organization helps in making quicker decisions and reduce cost.

6.High satisfaction among decision makers.
In DSS computers and latest technology aids the decision making process. It thus results in higher satisfaction among decision makers, reduces frustrations among them, and form perceptions that superior information is being used. They gain a confidence and satisfaction that they are good decision makers.

7.Supports learning.
The use of DSS in an organization results in two type of learning. First managers themselves learn new concepts. Secondly, there is better factual understanding of business as well as the decision making environment.

8.Enhanced organizational control.
Due to the use of DSS business transaction data is easily available for monitoring the performance of employees and ad hoc querying. It thus leads to enhanced understanding of business operations for the management.

Although DSS has numerous advantages for organizations and the people involved in decision making, but should be used cautiously due to some associated disadvantages. As for instance some DSS development efforts can lead to power struggles. People fight over the authority of accessing data, thus spoiling the organizational environment. Sometimes managers may have some personal motives and may advocate the development of a particular DSS. This might harm other people and the organization as a whole. It should thus be very well and cautiously used in benefit of an organization.

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