Benefits Of Dog Neutering

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Benefits of Dog Neutering

Dog neutering has many benefits especially for a person who has both female and male dogs. When you have your male dog neutered, you never have to worry about puppies anymore. And as we all know dogs can easily breed when in heat. Moreover, neutered dogs behave less aggressive than other dogs and can protect their territories. Here are some of the benefits of dog neutering.

1. Treats prostrate problems
When the dog ages testosterone influence the growth of the prostrate gland. Studies show that this can lead to constipation and can make a dog’s life uncomfortable. In addition, the prostrate gland becomes vulnerable to infection, hence neutering is the only sure way to avert such problems.

2. Reduces aggression
Although this is yet to be proven, if you take an aggressive male dog to the clinic, the vet will recommend neutering to quell the aggression. A neutered dog is likely to steer away from dogfights.

3. Less roaming
Neutered male dogs typically stay in one environment since they have a low sexual drive. In simple terms, breeding is not an issue of concern anymore. On the other hand, male dogs that are not neutered will roam endlessly looking to mate with females.

4. Eliminates risk of ovarian cancer
Dog neutering also reduces the risk of ovarian or uterine cancer and also reduce the chance of breast cancers as long as the dogs are castrated before they are in heat. This would reduce breeding and can help solve the problem of the already large number of unwanted dogs roaming in the streets.

5. Reduce risk of uterine tumors
Neutered male dogs have reduced risk of uterine, ovarian and mammary cancer. In addition, they are less vulnerable to uterine infection and false pregnancies.
Despite having many benefits, veterinarians point out that neutered dogs have a number of health risks. Possible risks include cognitive dysfunction, hypothryroidism and hemangiosarcoma.

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