The Crucial Benefits of Aggression in Animals

The Crucial Benefits of Aggression in Animals

Aggression in animals is a form of behavior adapted by different animals to protect themselves from their enemies. This behavior in any animal may lead to one animal causing great harm to its opponents. Female animals are the most affected by this behavior especially when they give birth to their ones. The aggressive behavior however helps them protect their babies from incoming predators. This behavior should not therefore be looked at as only being disadvantageous since most of them benefit from it. This article will talk about some of benefits associated with aggression in animals as follows.

Aggression in animals helps to reduce chances of predation

Animal interaction is bound to have ways of reducing the number of animals to suite the available resources. One method that nature uses to bring equilibrium is predation. It refers to a situation where one animal kills another animal for food. However, most animals have invented ways to protect themselves from such cruel methods of elimination by becoming very aggressive against their enemies. This aggression helps to keep off the predators for fear of being harmed by the aggressive animal.

Aggression in animals increases the opportunity for such animals to acquire scarce resources

Through the animal interactions, the available resources are likely to be limited and each animal fights hard to acquire them at all cost. This is known as competition from the scientific point of view. Those animals that are aggressive enough are able to retain much of the resources for survival purposes. Such resources may include mates, space, food and water. Aggression in animals is very helpful for most of the animals if they are to acquire such resources for themselves and the young ones.

Aggression in animals reduces the risk of extinction

Most animals have suffered the fate of extinction due to weather conditions or as a result of being hunted and killed by humans and other animals. This has not been the case in the most aggressive animals that knows how to protect their territories from dangerous creatures. The lion for example is one of the feared jungle animals for being aggressive against their enemies. Most hunters will not dare hunt them for fear of been killed before hunting them. Aggression in bees allows them to protect their honey for as long as they can.

Aggression in animals help them to protect their territories

Some animals live in groups especially the primates and the cat family. For this reason, the males are in charge of their territory as long as they can remain aggressive enough to draw away other males. This aggression allow such king males to receive most privileges from their females such as food. In return they offer protection to the territory.

Aggression in animals helps to protect animals from frequent fights

Aggressive animals are feared a lot by other animals and no animal will dare start fight with such fierce animals. This in return helps reduce fights among the animals.

This article has clearly explained that aggression in animals is very beneficial to them mostly in terms of offering protection from the enemies among other benefits and should not be seen as only being tough and dangerous act.

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