The Amazing Benefits of Non -Violence That Most People Don’t Know About

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The Amazing Benefits of Non -Violence That Most People Don’t Know About

A peaceful life in any home or country is one that is full of peace and non violence co-existence. This indeed brings development in such places and people live better life focusing their mind only to the things that bring harmony in a community. Non violence co-existence is thus very beneficial and all nations should strive to attain such a life. In this article some of the most important benefits of non violence co-existence will be discussed in detail as follows.

Non- violence avoids time wasting in unhealthy destructions

Unhealthy destructions are the cause of poverty in any community or a nation in general. This is so because it wastes all the time needed to work for a better life or better country. Non violence ensures that such time wasting activities do not take precious time for the development and country building. Instead it allows people enough time to concentrate on doing good for the better of all in the community.

Non -violence brings harmony and understanding among citizens

Harmony and understanding among all citizens is like an expensive gift that needs to be treasured forever. The only way that people can use to ensure that harmony is greatly treasured is by maintain a non violence co –existence among themselves. This will in return enhance the understanding between citizens even if they don’t belong to the same tribe by ensuring that there are no social disruptions.

Non- violence enhances development

All countries experiencing a period of violence are always ragging behind in terms of development. This is because its citizens are prohibited from carrying out activities that as meant to bring any development. In fact most people run away from their own country in such of peace in other countries which means that they can no longer offer their services to their country in such a time. However, in non violence co-existence all the citizens are busy utilizing the available resources to bring development in their country.

Non-violence make a country more stronger

In a country where peace is not an option but a daily bread, it is likely to be more stronger than the fighting nations in terms of wealth and education. This is so because the fighting nations have destroyed almost all their resources on the unproductive fights while the peaceful the country has utilized all the available resources for nation building.

Non- violence reduces risk of losing lives through bloody fights

It is during violence period that families lose their loved ones especially the bread winners. However, in a non -violence co-existence such incidences are avoided and recognizes the value of human life. This in return ensures that numbers of community members go up instead of diminishing through ruthless killings.
It is sad that most people do not appreciate the value of having a peaceful co-existence until violence breaks up and takes all their belongings together with their loved ones. Therefore by reading this article one should be able to embrace non -violence co-existence everywhere at home, country and work places

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