The Benefits of Living Your Life with HIV

Living with a deadly disease is not so easy. People with incurable diseases often feel depressed and turned down by society and even by their own family. HIV is such a medical condition that gives you the realisation that you have a few days to see the world. In such grave situation, there are two sides to choose from. One is to stay depressed and sad until you die and the other is to enjoy the life like there is no tomorrow. Which side would you chose? Your choice is what makes the difference.

Let’s look at the brighter side of HIV and see what the benefits you get as a HIV patient.

  • Living your life with a fatal disease is not a casual play. It takes great amount of courage to live with something that it devouring your life slowly. Therefore, people who are fearless to death can withstand the shock of getting a confirmed news. If you have successfully crossed this step with ease, consider yourself a brave man. This beneficial side of HIV ultimately boost your confidence up and you become a better human being instantly.

  • You get a clear insight about your life when you know that you are suffering from HIV related medical condition. Life is not permanent. Everyone, regardless of medical condition and age, will die someday. Therefore, you will do only those things which are best for your life and family members. You will not take any risky financial decision. As by now, you will know the value of money for the remaining days of your life and your family members.

  • You will be a part of a big global family fighting HIV with courage. Being a member in this fighting force makes you a special person. People will certainly identify you, you will inspire others and will also get inspired. In a word, you will get a real taste of life and it was missing in your earlier life.

  • It has been seen in many cases that HIV patients are tend to get more spiritually attentive. This is because they start to observe life from a closer angle and eventually they start to realize its real value that was once forgotten due to busy work schedules and chasing success in this competitive world.

  • As a HIV patient, you may need to join a counselling course. There, you will meet heroes every day. You will know that life is so much painful for others and your problem is just a feather on the woods. It will help you ease off your mental pressure and you will easily find bliss.

  • HIV patients are seen to value relationship more than normal people. They know the value of their short lives, eventually they know the value of the people around them. Real friends will stand by you in such agonising time while fake ones will take a side. You will start to develop a sense to identify good and bad people.

Apart from all these benefits, HIV patients are now getting medical benefits in some countries. People with weak financial strength can now undergo treatment of HIV sponsored by many NGO and government funding.

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