Benefits of ruby

Benefits of ruby Ruby is gemstone that is part of the Corundum family. ‘ With its bright red color, it is considered King of gemstones. ‘ With its quality and reputation, ruby gemstones are considered very valuable. ‘ Other than its monetary and aesthetic value though, wearing ruby gemstones is said to provide some benefits. ‘ These benefits include: … Read more

Benefits Of Quartz

Benefits of Quartz Quartz is believed to attract an individual’s life force, which balances their emotions, physical body and mind. That is one of the reasons why many people are now using quartz accessories like bracelets as well as necklaces. The following are some of the essential benefits of quartz. 1. Fosters emotional awareness Quartz … Read more

Benefits Of Tyrosine

Benefits of Tyrosine L-tyrosine plays a role in the development of neurotransmitters responsible for change in mood, as well as emotions. When these neurotransmitters are inadequate, feelings of anxiety, frustration, irritability and sadness can result. Moreover, dopamine helps reduce fat and suppress fat, therefore people with inadequate levels of the aforementioned transmitters might struggle to … Read more

Benefits Of Crying

Benefits Of Crying The only living organisms that are able to shed their sorrows and frustration through tears are human beings. Crying is a common human experience and has been a part of every culture and civilization throughout history. Traumatic events, loneliness, prolonged stress, loss of life and property, pain, and daily hassles of life … Read more