Benefits of ruby

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Benefits of ruby

Ruby is gemstone that is part of the Corundum family. ‘ With its bright red color, it is considered King of gemstones. ‘ With its quality and reputation, ruby gemstones are considered very valuable. ‘ Other than its monetary and aesthetic value though, wearing ruby gemstones is said to provide some benefits. ‘ These benefits include:

1. Protection for health

People in the ancient times believed that wearing gemstones can provide some kind of protection. ‘ In the case of rubies, they are known protect people from illnesses and disease. With its red color, rubies are also associated with the color of blood and so some people also believed that wearing them could also improve blood circulation. ‘ There are also people who believed that rubies will also help people become invulnerable to various situations in life.

2. Control of emotions

The ruby gemstone’s domain is said to be the heart of a person and the heart is associated with one’s emotions. ‘ Wearing rubies therefore is said to provide a sort of emotional balance within a person. ‘ Whether a situation is good or bad, person’s wearing this particular gemstone will be able to possess a better understanding on how to handle his/her emotions. ‘ And when a person is able to handle his/her emotions well, this person is also said to achieve an overall sense of emotional freedom and maturity.

3. Improved confidence

Wearing rubies is also associated with improving self-esteem and becoming confident. Since rubies are traditionally considered as precious, people wearing them were also seen as powerful and passionate which further gave it a reputation of being the gemstone of choice when wanting to appear powerful and confident.

The beauty of a ruby gemstone is enough for some people to think that this particular stone possesses some kind of magical power. ‘ Some people think of its benefits to the body while others think of it as some form of protection against negative things.

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