Benefits Of Zocor

Benefits of Zocor

Zocor is basically a kind of prescription drug and its active chemical is referred to as simvastatin. It was licensed by FDA for the treatment of high levels of cholesterol. Simvastatin is regarded like a statin medication, which is known for having numerous benefits. Further down are benefits of Zocor.

1. Lessens triglycerides
Zocor, an important statin drug, lessens triglycerides present in the blood since they have harmful effects of the body. These high levels of triglyceride in blood are usually affected by modifications in the diet and that is the reason a diet that contains less fat is recommended. High triglyceride levels in the blood are believed to cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. In people with these disorders, Zocor has shown to be capable of lowering cases of death from stroke or heart attacks.

2. Prevents atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis refers to the accumulation of plaques in the arteries because of inflammation and injury, which blocks or restricts blood circulation. Arterial plaques comprise of cholesterol as well as other fatty compounds. Preventing or reducing atherosclerosis would probably lower chances of getting other heart complications. Zocor has shown its effectiveness in lessening formation of arterial plaques and it also appears to directly inhibit other inflammatory processes.

3. Enhances HDL cholesterol
Through reducing the amount of LDL cholesterol produced in a person’s liver, Zocor is also believed to cause a slight increase in good cholesterol levels in blood. Even though this particular process is yet to be understood, several studies show considerable improvement in levels of HDL cholesterol following Zocor treatment. High HDL levels in blood are necessary for preventing or slowing down the progression of heart disease.

While it only affects few people who use it, Zocor has several adverse effects after extensive use. For example, it may cause myopathy and also kidney damage.

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