Benefits Of Welfare

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Benefits of Welfare

The welfare system was a designed to provide financial assistance to the underemployed and unemployed in the society. For years now, there has been a debate on the pros and cons of this system especially when it comes to issues of eligibility. Although the welfare program has its share of disadvantages, it also provides many benefits to families and individuals in need.

1. Children’s health

The program provides Medicaid insurance or CHIP to families that are below the poverty line, or to the unemployed. Without medical coverage some parents may not be able to visit the hospital or seek doctors’ counsel, which could cause more serious diseases or death.

2. Elder’s health

Through this program, many people receive Medicare, which covers the cost you could have incur on hospital stays, certain medical apparatus, prescription drugs and doctor’s visit. Moreover, the Medicaid program pays for stays in nursing homes for eligible members.

3. Disabled adults

Many permanent and temporarily disabled adults are now able to pay for basic necessities like shelter, transportation and food through the federal and or/ state disability payments. Programs such as cash and food stamps ensure that the unprivileged families have food and shelter.

4. Unemployed individuals

The welfare program provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed and are seeking job opportunities. The program help unemployed individuals support their families, which causes decrease in rates of homelessness.

5. Reduces crime rates

By providing basic necessities to those in need, including sufferers, underemployed, single parents and disabled, crime rates have decreased significantly. Without these programs in places, there would be alarming crime rates.

The welfare program has its share of disadvantages, and is often abused by many individuals who take advantage of the system. Unfortunately, many people have made welfare a part of their life. For this reason, limitations of welfare benefits were enforced, but more people still misuse the system.

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