Benefits Of the Army

Benefits of the Army

There are quite a number of benefits of enlisting in the army. Most of these benefits are vast and unheard of when compared to other civilian careers. Further down are key benefits of the army.

1. Education

Due to the great education benefits received upon joining the army, it is no surprise that many people are opting for army education. Qualified students in the military can earn allowances for fees and books, scholarships based on merit and also full-tuition among other benefits. They are also presented with leadership and career training from professionals in the respective fields. In addition, the army offers great internship opportunities as well as various valuable experiences for assisting members prepare for triumph in whatever career path they choose.

2. High wages

According to recent studies, the career with the fastest promotions is the army. The navy, marines and air force follow consecutively with regards to promotions. Because promotions are much quicker in the military, it is highly likely that you can make a lot of money. All that is required is hard work and dedication. The pay usually depends on the army job and the rank. Nevertheless, there are usually bonus payments provided based on dependents, deployment, marital status and housing status.

3. Retirement earnings

Serving twenty years in the army gives you the right to various retirement benefits. In fact, army retirees are entitled to a considerable amount of monthly retirement earnings. The amount that army retirees get largely depends on their rank at the time of retirement. Nevertheless, the retirement earnings are adequate to support a good lifestyle.

4. Travel benefits

The army offers its personnel great opportunities of travelling to different parts of the world. Depending on the type of army job you choose, you can travel to various military installations all over the world.

The key disadvantage of the army is that you can easily get hurt if you are sent to high risk areas.

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